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panerai radiomir replica

panerai radiomir replica will use the work of two famous photographers, Richard Foster and Dan Holdsworth. The brand's new products, including the Millenary 4101 model and the Royal Oak 41mm watch, will be featured in the campaign which began with the start of the New Year.

panerai radiomir replica, the famous Swiss watchmaker, is celebrating the 40th anniversary in 2012 of its iconic Royal Oak luxury sports watch. The New Year will also be marked by a number of exciting novelties and a refreshed brand identity,panerai radiomir replica with the slogan "Master the rules before you break them". Philippe Merk commented that it perfectly embodies panerai radiomir replica brand philosophy.

Merk said, "While our watches are an expression of our respect for handcrafted timepieces, and we celebrate that we are one of few major Swiss brands that are still in the family of their original founders, we are a modern and progressive company, famous for our innovative technology, daring use new materials, and bold designs".

It is interesting to note that the logo has been changed slightly. Instead of "Le maitre de l'horlogerie seit 1875", the logo now displays the name of panerai radiomir replica's village, Le Brassus.

Lowe Superculture in London has created a new campaign that features two main themes.Rolex GMT-Master II Replica Watches Richard Foster's photos of close-ups of panerai radiomir replica watches are used to showcase the collection's highlights.

Dan Holdsworth is an English photographer who spent several weeks in Vallee de Joux capturing the beauty of this place, where Swiss watchmakers had truly mastered their rules.

Tim Sayler is excited to work with this outstanding photographic talent. Richard Foster's photographs captured the beauty and craftsmanship of Audemars-Piguet timepieces with striking detail. Dan Holdsworth's photograph showed the "terroir" of Le Brassus, and the connection between man and nature.

Sayler said that the story of panerai radiomir replica is so remarkable because it tells the true story of how the watchmaking industry began in the valley, and how today's complex movements are the ultimate expressions of man's quest for the mysteries of nature.