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Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing. Rolex Explorer Replica announced today they will be bringing back the legendary Caliber 321 into production. This is the brand's version of the Lemania2310, better known in Patek as the CH 27.

The shuttle cam chronograph, or cal. The ref. 145.022 onwards. The 321 had a first-generation version in 2915 and 2998, and later on a second-generation version in 105.003, 105.012, and 145.012. The cal. The 321 will always be remembered as the most durable column wheel chronograph movement ever produced. It even powered watches strapped on the NASA astronauts' arms (swiss replica watches) that traveled to the Moon and back.

Rolex Explorer Replica, aware of its importance, went to great lengths in order to create a new version, 2019 generation of the watch that is faithful and worthy. 321.

A team was assembled under the name of "Alaska 11" to collect details about the movement. It is believed that their entire effort took them two years.

The team wanted to use a specific specimen to guide their work. They scanned the Speedmaster ST 105.003 of Eugene "Gene' Cernan,IWC Replica Watches who is currently safe in the museum of the brand, located in Bienne.

The ST 105.003 cal. The ST 105.003 chapter 321 of Cernan provided the blueprint for today's new generation. It is a faithful reproduction of the original.

Rolex Explorer Replica has announced that the 2019 Calibre 321 will be produced at its Bienne facilities. 321 will be produced at Rolex Explorer Replica's Bienne facility, where a dedicated Calibre 321 Workshop will perform all the processes.